Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Is really Bharat (Hindustan) is developing fast?

Is really Bharat (Hindustan) developing we would also want to know, I will discuss about it. When People were not aware in the decades of 90, 2000 and now 2016 when Bharat is developing with their extremely presentation than barriers come in politics it is opposition party which want to making foolish of public and struggle to remove the center govt (NDA). I want to say if a common man can`t make a good country than a king also fall to be parts of goodness.

Bharat is really developing on all scale like politics, people awareness, science & technology and many more it also goes to self independent on every level it is so admirable. What people thinking actually I don’t know but one thing is good that cracker of sovereignty are fall to divide of Bharat (Hindustan) and I hope they will be never goes to success because power of entity or unity if both will live along than any country may be move ahead over the world that will be the power of imagination when our youth will say one Bharat one nation I want to modified.

Now days the people are so happy to work as team Bharat and making Bharat they fill proud and increase their dignity to working inside. Today people are comparing the development of UPA (congress) `60 yrs and NDA (BJP) ` 2 yrs or 70% people are happy with 2 yrs growth because people want to corruption free Bharat (Hindustan) today`s younger are very sincere they know their rights, it all may developing good than Bharat (Hindustan) will also developing good if our politician are corruptness than nobody stop growth of country. but now days politician are doing good as well as it s before leaders so Bharatiye is known as incredible changing is nature of universe but Bharat is changing so fast itself by some integrated people or leaders.

Friday, 29 April 2016

what our elders thinking about youth

Many of the people doesn`t understand that what is youth thinking on today`s society, relation, politics, rumors etc. I would like to tell that today`s youth are soo smart and intelligent they have much more intellectuality than other but one thing I would like to say that also they  have no experience of anything, they only exited to get easily anything whether girlfriend or job in their own life.

The Younger may get success to keep ideas beyond the world. It would be better than be an employee become an employer our “honorable Prime Minister narender damodar das modi also say like this” 


I am not going to say that negotiate with yourself if  we want to something done initially  than we must take some risk as business investment. We all have power to done something great but we can`t understand that from where we get it start its, this is the big problem for everyone.

We can go to any part of the world from japan to Alaska but in which scope, we are goes to confuse yet we have many choices like politics, science & technology, social worker etc.
Once more I am saying that we can go for anything because younger are the most important for next era so we should be aspiring politician, entrepreneur or social worker etc. it can play a vital role in the elimination of terrorism. Youngster participation is most important, the youngster is the backbone of any country, if we would have nothing any dreams for our life than we can`t say that there is no existence of life because we all have deferent power of thoughts that can create an another life.

The deferent thinking is not a actual problems another problems is indifferent attitude towards politics lack of unity and spirit in Bharat, (Hindustan), its time to the youth we have to realize our power, our role, our duties, responsibility and we should stand up for our rights. Now it’s time to stop brain drain and we act like an magnet so attract worlds to Bharat, Hindustan.